Fashion Over 50

A lot of my clients have been coming to me recently with concerns about “dressing their age.” This is definitely a common problem, one that I grappled with quite a bit when I turned 30 even.  One of the most important things when choosing your clothing is comfort. Comfort alone will make you more confident. Now I do not mean the comfort of a sweat pant and sweat shirt, I mean feeling good in what you have on. The kind of comfort that makes you stand up straighter.  The second most important thing is fit. Every item does not need to be tailored perfectly, but buying the right size is really important. Typically we only alter key pieces that will last, meaning you probably do not want to spend more than the cost of a jacket on altering it.

The main thing is that everyones style is different so whether you are 25 or 75, I am never going to give you advice that will be outside of who you are. It is all about personal style and your comfort in what you are wearing. The key to successfully looking age appropriate and modern is paying attention to what feels right on you.

Here are some inspirational looks for women over 50 (including my absolute fav: Diane Keaton):








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