Ali Peters Style Shopping

“Ali was very professional and honest in her assessment of my summer and winter wardrobe. The goal was accomplished in 3 hours…purged the old, regroup the remaining, and refresh with suggested purchases. I was very pleased with our accomplishment. Even had time to go through shoes. Ali has fashion credentials and experience to do what I was afraid to do on my own. Thanks Ali.”
– Elaine P. (May 2015)

“I hired Ali to go shopping with me to help me update my wardrobe. Shopping on my own has been a very frustrating experience lately, and I have not been able to update my style on my own. The shopping trip was fun and Ali was great! I was amazed at how easily Ali identified and picked pieces that fit well and looked great. We ended up buying a ton of stuff and stayed well within my budget. I can’t wait to get a chance to wear all of the new things we purchased.”
– Tanja S. (May 2015)

“Ali was great. She was really helpful at going through my closet and helping me think of new combinations for clothes and also getting rid of old ones. About halfway through, I noticed that she was really able to grasp my style and could anticipate before I put something on whether I would like it, or whether it would even fit. She was also very friendly and easy to work with!”
– Jenna H. (2014)

“I have known Ali peters for 20 years and she has always been interested in fashion, especially choosing pieces that work for each unique body and person. She works with you to design your style within budget. More than anything she is fun and listens carefully to customer needs/wants. Definitely recommend her to anyone who wants some creative ideas for a stylish look. She delivers on her promises and follows up promptly.”
– Nancy J.

“Ali really has an eye for which styles will work best for different people and various occasions. I have requested both formal and casual looks in the past, and every time Ali nails it with great options for my budget. She’s also great to work with – so nice and extremely responsive. I will definitely use her again for my next wardrobe update!”
– Elyssa K. (2014)

“Ali was a huge help in cleaning out my closet. I got rid of tons of clothes that I no longer wore. We also put together a few outfits. The session was fun and helpful! Overall Ali is great!”
– Heather W.